direct communication constantine ferreo ©1969-2020
Modern world's imagination suffers from the overcrowded technical, technological and scientific advancements in the search for "a reality".
The visual exploration of "imagination" I present is derived from the myths of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Zoroastrianism and Mithraism amongst other. I was attracted by the" semi-primitive" accounts of concepts, not present to the senses, about natural physical phenomena which dispense the wonders in life and I resorted to the "poetry", as I call it, of "ignorance" when related to this "a reality" of our present times.

installation 240x120cm each panel(floor surface 400x400cm)
painted Plexiglas, corners: stones,bricks,wood,marble

rising from the east

inner action

setting in the west

inner duality

outer duality

inner and outer duality

expansion from the center


destroy thy house
all works 100x80cm oil on canvas
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