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Symmetry is the ground that inspires order, balance, harmony and an organic relation between the whole to its parts. Similar elements of symmetry are necessary for the construction of kites. Flying a kite can be understood as a symbolic attempt to overcome gravity. The study of symmetry can begin by observing our own bodies, where symmetry exists between left and right contrary to gravity exerting force that distinguishes vertical directions rather than horizontal. Since our existence is governed by the complexity of mind, the symmetry in the body becomes a desirable attainment by the mind, thus establishing the link between mind-body, symmetry-gravity, ourselves and our creation, the kite.
"Balancing in the sky" represents a gesture to understand this fictitious link and is explored through geometry. Although such definition might make the idea of symmetry less flexible, nevertheless similar intentions seem to have thrived in several cultures around the globe, especially the orient, where the constructing and flying of kites was invented (China). There one finds apparent reflection on the characteristic geometrical patterns of symmetry in their designs for kites. Can also be speculated a universal wish for eternal physical and spiritual balance in the harmony that can be experienced by the making and flying of kites.
The purpose of the workshops is to inspire the attempt rather than producing the object. But once this is ignited one can venture further into designs of symmetry and kites. Using a bit of artistry and some of your time….you can fly !
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