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constantine ferreo ©1969-2022

A multidisciplinary performance that explores customs and rituals on male/female contact. While we are guided through the "micro-cosmos" of gender relationship, we are also confronted with the historic "mega cosmos" of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. The performance is composed of three interwoven but also independent parts.

"The Dance of Ariadne - An Oriental Dream"
It is inspired by the dance known as "oriental-dance". This unique expression of femininity, stems from the natural need to arouse "union" among persons of the opposite sex. Over the passage of time its original universal character was subordinated (or completely eclipsed) by the intervention of new sociopolitical and religious taboos introduced in the territories where this form of dance once flourished. The story woven in this part of the trilogy builds a bridge of the early appeal of the "ritual dances of fertility" with its recognizable contemporary style popularly known as "belly dance.

costume for dancers
"The Art of Wrestling"
This part of the performance includes poetry, live and prerecorded sound, video, slide projection and dance/movement inspired by Greco-Roman wrestling. It is the central point of the trilogy. It reenacts the
"Ceremony of Marriage" that excites growth and maturation for the opponents. The "marriage experience" is perceived as a struggle to overcome gender differences in the physical, psychological, intellectual and spiritual realm. It is also a venue in which to approach one's own individual esoteric duality and bring awareness on two unconditional and unaltered truths: the positive and the negative aspects of the psyche. This message is derived from several influences including alchemy, world religions and other.

relation 60x60cm digital print
"Evolute - Involute"
The third part of this trilogy is engaged to bring forth the movement of the terrestrial bodies, reminder of our connection to fate, our destiny. The basic concept of this part is a discussion on scientific abstractions and the exploration of the forces in the universe which, in their magnitude, have established the rules that govern the presence on this planet and the "beyond surrounding space". Here individuality blends to the abstraction of scientific reality, the forever growing "cosmic dust". The male and female principles are elevated to the domain of symbols.

relation 60x60cm digital print

wrestling 80x100cm colored pencil on paper
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