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"DIARY OF COMMENTS" ©1967-ongoing....
ABOUT THE STATE OF POLITICS : Man, like other animals, is territorial. Man, more than other animals, is possessive. In this industrial and technological era, man has acquired more possessions therefore a wider territory to defend and developed powerful means to do so. The possibility of a "unified open society" of humankind becomes challenging. It is the overcoming of this challenge that politicians of a "united europe" have promised. But while much is done in the economic field and towards the material aspect of this unity, there is little attention paid to that territorial animal called "european individual". As a result, while we are "fast processed" towards the magic and "united" future, we experience a diverted condition that often leads to extremes in social behavior that eventually cause extremes in political choices. My concern and I believe the legitimate concern of many Europeans who place some faith in the possibility of "unity", is demanding greater attention to new forms of constructive education, separated from political manipulations, that could finally refine our complicated nature into a flexible vision and understanding of humanity which does away with unnecessary territorial instincts and which will invite humbler views in caring about life, our neighbor and our natural environment.
The images that follow are responses to various political events I experience(d) over the years, like the fall of U.S.S.R.(1990), the rise of extreem right, the Greek economy crisis(2010), Iraq war...etc.. It is not an "exclusive" interest on politics that have inspired them. Rather it is the early in my existence comprehension that political choices and decisions by those who make them influence and direct the presence and well being of citizens. Carrying the "trauma" of opression by a military junta in Greece (1967-74) I somehow developed an "eye of observation" that grows into analytical thought and eventually into images. Wrong or right I felt the need to get them out of my chest. Keep smiling !
(my excuse for the use of national symbols, like emblems, flags etc. Discontentment is allowed in democratic expression directed to the powers that "pull the strings" and therefore control the fate of others....).

21/04/1967 5x5cm pen drawing

our people first
120x40cm digital print

launderette 50x70cm digital print

50x70cm digital print

untitled 120x40cm digital print

steam ship belgenland
40x120cm digital print

believe ! intervention

demonstrate 70x50cm digital print

who is the king ? intervention

Salon des Refusés intervention

hitlolini 70x50cm acrylic on canvas

national erection 70x50cm digital print

revenge 50x70cm digital print

you paint better 80x90cm acrylic on canvas

thangka for peace
50x70cm acrylic on paper

the administration 50x70cm digital print

flagship for an old agency 50x70cm digital print

Grexit 50x70cm digital print

say a prayer that works 50x50cm digital print

"EAST MED CRISIS" the times of bullying for dominance
The somehow bullish demand by the Turkish Government to dominate in the dispute over territorial sea zones for oil and gas exploration in East Mediterranean brought a near to war conflict with its neighbors. The tactics used were reminiscent of authoritarian regimes. It seemed like watching the same old movies again. This repeated behavior inspired the images readapting titles from films and other appropriate relevant events and posters.

50x70 cm digital prints on paper
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