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Democracy is a political ideal that aims to become a way of life. It is devised as a system to conduct the affairs of a state. This social philosophy was first explored and established as a form of "authority to govern" (government) in ancient Greece. It was later accepted and developed by many ethnic groups which contributed greatly to its improvement. Democracy can be managed by the entire population (direct) or by elected eligible members of a state (representative). The authority, control and decisions are proposed by the leading organization or group (party) that promotes a particular point of view for governing according to its ideology.
MAGIC COOKIE Behind the appearance of those popular cookies, concealed but not hidden, is my concern about the present state of democracy or the absence of it. Democracy is the vision of a political system that every citizen must make an effort to sustain and enhance through the exchange of free and direct communication.

3D printed 5,5X9x0,8cm

3D printed 6x6x0,8cm

3D printed 6,5x4,5x0,8cm

3D printed 6x9x0,8cm

3D modeled simulation

prototype, box 22,5x15x2,5cm
BUBBLEGUM The versatile and flexible nature of the system democracy can easily become subject to various manipulations for the interest of the few instead of the many as it was meant. Wars for profit are waged, suppression of human rights are disguised, greedy accumulation of wealth by corrupt practices and much more. Despite the negative effect produced by some people "in power" democracy remains the system of merit for the administration of public needs.

3D printed 5x3x3cm PLA colored

3D printed 7,5x6,5x2,1cm PLA colored

3D simulation

prototype, box 22,5x15x2,5cm

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