direct communication

constantine ferreo ©1969-2022

"ELEMENTS" ©1987

triangle of light 120x240cm pastel on paper

elemental analysis 200x230cm acrylic on canvas

divine cycle of creation 60x80cm watercolor on paper

ladder of elements

chain of elements

nectar of elements
120x240cm each, pastel on paper

succession within 120x240cm pastel on paper

the gate, the ladder and the seat 250x300cm wall installation, mixed media

vision 100x180cm acrylic on canvas

earth 60x60cm tempera on paper

water 60x60cm tempera on paper

fire 60x60cm tempera on paper

air 60x60cm tempera on paper

ether 60x60cm tempera on paper

turbulence in earth 60x80cm collage

turbulence in water 60x80cm collage

turbulence in fire 60x80cm collage

turbulence in air 60x80cm collage

tempest 60x80cm tempera on paper

essential elements I 60x80cm tempera on paper

essential elements II 100x100x200cm mixed medium

table 150x150cm mixed medium
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