direct communication

constantine ferreo ©1969-2022

The deciding factor for the promotion of art and artists (official representation) is a process obtained by various "authorities" and interests that usually suits the "politically correct (or incorrect)" issue (e.g. popularity, gender or age, the making of a "national product" etc.). Another technical presented reasoning is commerciality of specimen, possibilities for "exchange mechanism", favouritism,...the list is long.
It seems the nature of my thoughts and works is not inviting "official" representation. Maybe too intellectual in substance, politically provocative, maybe offending, easily misinterpreted, "nomadic artist" thus not "belonging"...the guess is that "art" is distinguished differently by desision makers in the public or private domain.
As a welcomed substitute my creative effort was displayed in"semi-official"(cultural centres, small museums not dedicated to arts, libraries, cafés etc.) or alternative locations that could also complement and emphasise the presentation.

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