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Works exploring the connection of the myth of Europa (a princess) and the Bull (god Zeus) to the present entity of the European Union. It is an effort to present, in a "playful" manner, the experiment of the E.U. that is "rocking" by being incomplete e.g. without constitutional binding.
Metaphorically Europa is interpreted as the intelligent or open-minded. The myth of Europa and Zeus is a variant of the union of Sky (Heaven) and Earth. The appearance of gods in the form of animals or birds and their interactions with mortals signify an attempt to establish "family connection" with divine authority by various people who sought or were in power, therefore to be trusted and accepted by their subjects to rule. Attempt to establish authority is also the acquisition or possession of religious text and "divine" relics, They are considered "conception" with the divine.
The global advancement of Democracy in order to support equality among people tends to abolish those forms of "taboos" yet the idea of "divine" or "hereditary rights" to control populations is reality and much practiced today by the political and religious elite establishments.
Europa, the bull and the cargo load 120x180x180cm mixed medium

Europe balancing
40x80x160cm wood, fabric

Europa balancing
40x80x160cm wood, plexiglas

Euro balancing
40x80x160cm wood, fabric

Europa goes rodeo
80x80x180cm mixed medium

Europa playing
40x160x160cm wood, plexiglas

Europe goes rodeo
80x80x180cm mixed medium
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