direct communication

constantine ferreo ©1969-2022

"Silence" is an abstract uncertainty having the measurement and value of "nothing". The
"PASSAGE TO SILENCE" is introducing communication of the individual to individuality. It is an installation composed of five inter-dependent structures, available as an event. It describes a path that one can follow in order to understand the relation of "silence" to individuality. Sources of inspiration have been the philosophy of the Persian prophet Zarathustra.

gate to distance 80x80cm collage

wall of silence 80x80cm collage

throne of the sun 80x80cm collage

monument to light 80x80cm collage

silence 80x80cm collage

gate to distance model

wall of silence model

throne of the sun model

monument to light model

silence model

wall of silence/silence 500x700cm brick wall

passage to silence model
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