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constantine ferreo ©1969-2022

Through myths people developed beliefs using symbolism expressing a committed balance between themselves and aspects of the sometime fearsome natural world thus created Gods as their the protectors.
Mortals needed to know why Gods did not help each time a crisis occurred therefore mythological creatures were the justification that helped to explain conflicts and troublesome times but also helped to maintain a strong natural balance in a chaotic and uncertain world.
The Greeks believed that there needed to be a proper order of things within their world. Greek culture needed to abide by the many messages of the gods; if they did not, their existence would be at risk. Myths provided a means through which a person could maintain a good existence in life, and avoid chaos or indifference.


courtship with a serpent

intercourse with a serpent

impregnated by a serpent

dancing wild

blowing liquid

accepting fate


dancing fire

fire makes you see
all works 100x80cm oil on canvas
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