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constantine ferreo ©1969-2022

In the history of mankind, four essential functions of mythology can be discerned. The first and most distinctive is that of eliciting and supporting a sense of awe before the mystery of being. The second function of mythology is to render a cosmology, an image of the universe that will support and be supported by this sense of awe before the mystery of the presence and the presence of a mystery. A third function of mythology is to support the current social order, to integrate the individual organically with his group. The fourth function of mythology is to initiate the individual into the order of realities of his own psyche, guiding him toward his own spiritual enrichment and realization.
In today's advancement of civilization, with the support of technical, technological and scientific tools, we tend to view mythology as a delightful past when nature and its forces where beyond reasonable recognition.

outer action

troublesome ways

rings of fate

devoured by fire

lord of shadows

argument of ancestors

consuming fire

terror of the deluge

creation of man

all works 60x80cm watercolor or tempera on paper
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