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constantine ferreo ©1969-2022

The territories inhabited by people vary in natural conditions and features needed to privilege the advancement of innovative solutions to transform intellectual curiosity into material substance. This interrelated variety brings cultures into being. For a culture to be accepted as civilization requires collective effort by those who ignited it but also by those who will simultaneously or later accept and absorb it. The assimilation and advancement of a culture creates achievements of civilization that are common inheritance for those who can appreciate, preserve and protect them. These studies explore the influence of Hellenistic culture (represented by the statues) on the European history..

analysis 200x200x300cm installation mixed medium

principles 300x300x300cm installation mixed medium

analysis 200x200x300cm installation mixed medium

the pillar

1200 B.C.

330 B.C.

60 B.C.

600 A.D.

850 A.D.

1150 A.D.

1550 A.D.

1812 A.D.
hand-colored works 100x80cm tempera on paper prints
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