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constantine ferreo ©1969-2022

The admired qualities of Classical Greek culture are based in the pursued need for harmony and logic that would place order in the chaotic world of nature and uncertainty. The explorations in mathematics and particularly geometry offered the necessary venues for the mind to research as outlets of expression to create a habitable ordered environment. Embodiment of this are the architectular pillars of temples that took also the meaning of identification of various styles of buildings, the Doric, the Ionian and the Corinthian. The underlying manifestation is the Pythagorian Theorem which defines the rules of balance and symmetry while it promotes the coordination of forms in constructing a standing structure.
uniform principles model 50x60cm, painted wood trompe l'oeil, prints, 3D prints

fundamental pillars model 40x50cm

fundamental pillars model 40x50cm
fundamental pillars model 40x50cm, wood, 3D prints, grass imitation
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