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constantine ferreo ©1969-2022


"REFORMED" ©2019
An installation inspired by Dürer's Melancholia I. The objects on this installation are "trompe l'oeil" (trick the eye), 3D modeled and printed. Adapting the old methods by the new technology of 3D printing the objects shown on Dürer's engraving were updated thus giving them contemporary symbolism.
The Reformation (14-16th century) other than attacks on the powers of the Church brought also changes to the workings of society. Notably the printed word and image were liberated from the privilege of the clergy. In those times religious "thought-police" persecuted both the old magic and the new sciences with increasing ferocity. In order to evade the pyre(fire) progressive Humanist thinkers resorted to a "symbol-language" with a hidden message. In Melencolia1(the engraving by Dürer) this form of communication is mingled with the feeling of deep sadness (melancholia), a mere depression in ordinary people but can inspire creative fervor in the gifted.
Freedom of expression is an obligation for the individual but when we experience inadequate progress in solving critical present issues like environmental or poverty among others, the haunting "melancholia" dominates and severe depression can become an epidemic. Individual and collective Reformation is required.

REFORMED (simulation) on a wall 280X300cm 3D modeled and printed objects on wooden boards
INTRINSIC REFORMED (simulation) free standing 280X300cm 3D modeled and printed objects on wooden boards

melancholia revisited 150x277cm oil on canvas

melancholia revisited 160x200cm oil on canvas
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