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constantine ferreo ©1969-2022


Post modern moral values and science have been overpowered by a multitude of ideas which, eventually, create a feeling of confusion and dichotomy. This diversion gradually leads the pluralistic sociopolitical system to exhibit a cynical relativism in the public domain. Democratic communication among individuals is misguided by external interference (government or party propaganda) or internal suppression (psychosis, neurosis, lack of ideological direction) that shows in all aspects of social life (family, education and media). Thus, the achievement of pure democratic thought is distorted systematically from the noise of mass misinformation, consumers advertisement, formalistic education and nationalism of the chauvinistic racistic type.
The "Roof for Democracy" is a multidisciplinary project inspired as an arena, a theater or a temple, that invites artists and the general public to participate with their own creative views about democracy.

demonstration 30x40cm woodcut

demonstration 30x40cm woodcut

demonstration 30x40cm woodcut

A rectangular arrangement of shipping containers, on three levels.

Scaffolding leading to the upper levels of the installation with stenciled images on industrial plastic covering.

Inside the container composition is the tent, a structure of scaffolding in the shape of a pyramid covered with transparent industrial plastic.

Images of crossing social and economic interests, the "skin" of modern democracies

Diagram describing the values of the Classical ideologies within the democratic process. They are hanging on the four exterior sides of the container structure.

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