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constantine ferreo ©1969-2022

"THE TASK" ©1984
Identity, from Latin: identitas ("sameness"), is the relation each thing bears just to itself. Nominal identity is the name to which one identifies or calls oneself whereas virtual identity is the experience of that identity,
At a period of uncertainty and confusion, in which a person's sense of identity is not sufficiently established, the need for a secure new reality becomes prominent. This quest is usually emphasized by the experience as "a foreigner in foreign lands", an immigrant, when customs implanted at place of origin need to be reexamined, reconstructed or completely eclipsed in order to "fit" within the new norms.
This "soul" searching became foreground when I made a second "leap" in my existence, from Canadian norms to western European (first one was from Greece to Canada). In the decorated world of Europe where we are overwhelmed by the presentation of history Instinctively one can feel a desire to dismantle (as a
symbolic logic to assist the aim of exploring new terms) the "monumental" past so as to give ground to a new future that can emerge. A person's identity is the individual unique choices made which qualitatively differ from persuaded taboos, e.g. name or origin etc.that are inherited due to circumstance. There can be the same object or person in different possible worlds.
This "TASK" I somehow related to the performed immense "labors" of Hercules in classical antiquity who became the "father figure" for a group formation. The bodily representation is naked from the protection of individuality while wears the mask of the unrevealed identity.

first light 60x80cm watercolor on paper

the leap
180x220cm acrylic on canvas

omen 140x180cm acrylic on canvas

agony 140x180cm acrylic on canvas

ecstasy 180x220cm acrylic on canvas

60x80cm watercolor on paper

distress 180x220cm acrylic on canvas

60x60cm watercolor on paper

bound to the past 200x220cm pastel on paper

task to release
120x220cm pastel

imaginary tasks to liberate from tradition 120x140cm each, pastel on paper

rapture of rebirth 60x80cm acrylic on paper

rebirth 120x180cm pastel on paper
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