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"QUERCUS" ©2007-15
"QUERCUS" (OAK) is a "family tree symbol", a concept describing the democratic foundation values of this European political and economic experiment in the hope of establishing a binding Union that will produce similar benefits, as that of a real tree, for the sociopolitical and economic environment of the European people.
A tree is known as a plant that evolved a long wooden trunk and branches with leaves in the competition with other plants for sunlight. It has its presence on Earth for 370 millions years, much longer than humanity, and some of the species are known to live several thousand years old. Trees play an important role for the sustainability of the ecosystem on the planet, from reducing erosion to providing oxygen and habitat to many animals. Trees also provide fruits, timber as many other uses. Because of the immense usefulness of trees to human development and civilization, notably fuel for fire therefore warmth and light, trees are regarded with great respect by world's cultures, to some of which they have been source of mythological inspiration and are sacred. Trees appear as significant symbols in various religions, like the tree of life and the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden, Moses and the burning bush (tree), as well as philosophical, Buddha achieved enlightenment meditating under a tree, or even scientific, a falling from the tree apple inspired the theory of gravity for Newton while greek philosophers taught politics of democracy under trees, notably the olive tree in Plato's Academy. The term "tree" is also used allegorically to trace evolution of descent, genealogy, and lineages in history.

QUERCUS 120x280cm mixed medium

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